Plain Clothes Yoga

After a week of scouting and yoga we came up to the Pyrenees for our weekend recharge.  This weeks find was Bcn Brand sneakers.  I have always had a hard time finding a sneaker that doesn’t make me stand out as a tourist, yet at the same time doesn’t send a full hipster vibe.  (which I love but it isn’t my personal style)

So you will see below, plain clothes yoga, in a headstand, in calzedonia leggings, barbour sweater, my beloved Stella Mccartney whistle necklace and of course…Bcn Brand sneakers.  We seriously can’t get enough of them.

My husband who is half Lebanese, half WASP, never wears sneakers bought a pair and hasn’t taken them off!

Get your own pair today in a huge variety of colors.  They will be coming in to our hotel in March to sell directly to our guests but if you’re unable to make it to Barcelona anytime soon and you just can’t wait visit them right here and order your pair today.