Holiday Gift Guide Part 2…Shop Barcelona!

Elena Estaun Jewelry

These fantastic and unique pieces are not to be missed!  Perfect for the person in your life who enjoys an edgy, statement piece.   Though you can shop the collection online if you follow Elena on instagram (@elenaestaun) you will also catch unique pieces that never make it to the website! If you are in Barcelona you are in for a treat!  Elena is opening her own showroom near Turo Park before Christmas!  Stay tuned!   IMG_4878IMG_4491IMG_4757

On our wish list?  We have our eye on Elenas gold screws bracelet which will match our ring perfectly!

Secretos de Alcoba

Hats, headbands, fascinators, scarves and gloves galore!  These well prices items are perfect for a sister, friend, or mother!  My most recent find is their new collection of collars to wrap around your neck to stay cozy!

Beginning in mid-december they will be open in the afternoons for your Christmas fix!  They also have a website,facebook page, and instagram account!  (@secretodealcobatocados)

IMG_4747 IMG_9009

On our wish list?  A fascinator for our 2015 wedding season!

Laura Miret Barcelona

Handbags, clutches, and change purses in all colors, styles, leather and suede!  We recently shopped for our 3 sisters and Mom, all who have very different styles.  We found something for everyone!

Visit the website to see this seasons collection, along with adorable fur collars which are new!  You can also stay tuned on facebook or instagram @Lauramiretbarcelonabags.



On our wish list?  Laura’s new fur collars!  Perfect for our holiday getaway to the mountains!

Serena Whitehaven

Welcome to a shoe-lovers paradise!  This is a perfect destination to spoil yourself, or to bring the shoe-lover in your life.  These high quality shoes are unique and sure to draw attention during any holiday party!

Visit their website, facebook page, or stop by their showroom in Barcelona on C/ Mallorca 184, Entlo. 1º  They now offer gift cards as well if you want to share your love of shoes with a friend but you don’t know her shoe size.  ;) 

IMG_8623 IMG_4752


On our wish list?  We love our pink and green oxfords but there is a pair of boots that we have our eyes on!

Gall Collection Lip Balm

A perfect stocking stuffer uniquely from Barcelona!  These charming art nouveau lip balms can be used as a pill box once you’ve finished!  IMG_8863

On our wish list?  We really love all of them!

Brott Dog

Perfect for the dog, or dog lover in your life!  These leads and collars are so charming the are guaranteed to make any pet owner and pooch delighted.

We found ours at Mar de Cava; a wonderful store filled with creative finds.  You can also shop Brott Dog online.

IMG_4748 IMG_4489

BCN Brand Sneakers

Perfect for the person in your life who enjoys to combine comfort and style.  BCN Brand has finally found a way to make sneakers cool!  Perfectly designed to spend a day walking around the city.  We are heading to stock up again soon!

On our wish list?  Maybe the blue sneakers!

Shop online or search the various locations in Barcelona.

IMG_0409 IMG_1344   IMG_0868

Colmillo de Morsa

A Barcelona gem!  Perfect for a fashionista looking for unique pieces.  We are lucky enough to see two locations in Barcelona now!

C/ Vic 15, 08006 Barcelona (Gracia)

C/ Flassaders 12, 08003 Barcelona (El Borne)

If you pass by the store in Gracia you may be able to catch the creations for the upcoming season!

On our wish list?  EVERYTHING!  Learn more on their website, facebook, or visit their instagram account @ColmillodeMorsa.

IMG_1056 With Elisabet and Javier…the faces behind Colmillo de Morsa.  (I am wearing a top by Colmillo de Morsa)

IMG_9537 In my beloved Colmillo de Morsa black leather jacket with white polka dots standing in Colmillo de Morsa!

Leave it to Barcelona Tour

If you are passing through Barcelona, or would like to give the gift of a tour to a loved one, please contact us at .  We arrange curated tours specializing in the unique fashion finds in Barcelona.

Leave it to Barcelona Tote

Don’t miss our Leave it to Barcelona tote.  With only a few left in stock these are a perfect memory for anyone who loves Barcelona.

IMG_4969  IMG_3131

Weekend happenings about town…

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday:

Ballet Gitano at the Teatre Tivoli:

After a three-year tour of Latin America, Europe and the US, Corté is back in Barcelona with his show, Gitano. Performing alongside 10 other dancers, 17 musicians and eight flamenco singers, Gitano is an intensely personal show for the internationally-renowned flamenco dancer and takes the spectator back to his gypsy roots.

Tickets from €28

Friday: Prostibulo Poético: 

Os invitamos al último Prostíbulo Poético de la temporada, en el que presentaremos a las nuevas poetas que entrarán a formar parte del burdel. Ven, aplaudelas, ten un privado con ellas antes que nadie!! Contaremos ademas con Tori Sparks y Amelia Cadwallader. Va a ser una gran noche. Envíanos un mensaje para reservar y te obsequiamos con regalo de Bijoux Indiscrets!

8 eu socios
10eu no socios.

We invite Poetry Brothel to last season, which will introduce new poets who will join the brothel. Come aplaudelas, have a private with them before anyone else! We will also with Tori Sparks and Amelia Cadwallader. It will be a great night. Send us a message to book and we will reward you with Bijoux Indiscrets gift!

8 EU partners
10eu fees.

7:30 to 10pm C/Corretger, 5

Maria de la O

first time at the Palau de la Música

May 2014 Friday 30 21:30 h Buy Concert Hall
June 2014 Monday 23 21:30 h Buy Concert Hall
Thursday 26 21:30 h Buy Concert Hall
August 2014 Saturday 9 21:30 h Buy Concert Hall
Saturday 16 21:30 h Buy Concert Hall
Prices: from 30 to 48 €


Organized by: Events Artístics

Juan Cortès – Rafael Fernandezguitarra
Paco de Mode, cajón
Fran Leónflauta
Sara Flores – Mariano Santiago “el makande ” – Jorge “el Pirata”- Juan de la Nana, cantaores
Isaac Barbero – Juan Herediabailaores
Susana Escoda – Raquel Alegria – Ivette Pla – Adelaida Guerrero – Maria Cortés, bailaoras

Susana Escoda, choreography
Sara Flores, art direction
Juan Cortés, musical direction


Maria de la O (zambra )
Amor de riquezas  (tanguillos)
Sueños de amor (tango)
Vivencias (alegrias)
Lamentos (balada)
Coraje y rabia (seguiriyas)
Fiesta gitana (bulerias)
La quimera (martinete)
Mis duquelas (solea por buleria)

Maria de la O, A Spanish gypsy girl from a humble family dreams about a gypsy boy from her village since their childhood. One day when they are grown up a rich non-gypsy man appears and she falls in love with him. After a while she realizes that neither wealth nor gold make her happy. What does make her happy are the humble dresses, traditional customs and especially her true love, the gypsy boy from her village.


The Pool Market Barcelona

Mercadillo, música y piscina!!

Only Vintage Clothing & New Designers

Inauguración The Pool Market

*Pool Party & Market *

Horario: 11h-20h.

C/ Pallars 121-125 – BCN

ZT Hotels-Villa Olimpic@ Suites

Line Up – 16h:


Yuki Fukiyama



Inscripciones expositores abiertas: Only Vintage Clothing & New Designers


Vintage Market Barcelona

4a Bicicleta de Modernisma

*Leave it to Barcelona will be at the Pedals de Modernisme and Vintage Market.

One night at the Palau de la Musica-Beethovens 9th Symphony

IMG_1635 IMG_1637 IMG_1634
Can you guess what we are wearing that is from Barcelona?  (Walid included this time)
Beethovens 9th Symphony: 
Organized by: Fundació Orfeó Català-Palau de la Música and Orquestra Simfònica del Vallès

Marta Mathéusoprano
Gemma Coma-Alabertmezzo-soprano
David Alegret, tenor
César San Martínbass

Cor de Cambra del Palau de la Música
(Josep Vila i Casañas, conductor)
Polifònica de Puig-Reig
(Ramon Noguera, conductor)

Orquestra Simfònica del Vallès
Rubén Gimeno

With the collaboration of students from the Conservatorio Superior de Música del Liceo


R. Humet: Vent transparent
L. van Beethoven
: Symphony no. 9 in D minor, Op. 125 “Choral”

Your sneak peak….





Now all you have to do is come to Barcelona and check them out for yourselves….

I just wish the weather would warm so I could take mine to the beach already!


Leave it to Barcelona

Sneak Peak reset

BCN Brand Sneakers

 If you follow us on instagram or Facebook you will see that one of our new emerging favorite brands is BCN Brand sneakers.
 “BCN BRAND. Artisan sneakers fabricated locally in Barcelona, made with authentic natural leather individually hand-dyed. Designed following the latest trends. Think global, be local.” BCN Brand
My husband does not wear sneakers…even cool street sneakers.  Up until BCN Brand you wouldn’t have caught him out of his leather Tods.  After leaving the showroom with a meeting with the owner of the company, said husband walked away with a pair in brown which he has worn every day since.  The quality is high, the product is wonderful, and we are so excited to have BCN Brand be part of our first Leave it to Barcelona retreat for our “In house” shopping night.
So the article below from The Business of Fashion was of particular interest to me.
As it seems fashion may be taking a turn towards sneakers and footwear, BCN Brand couldn’t have more perfect timing…and btw, BCN brand sneakers are 125euros compared to the other haute couture brands pricing $500.00 and upwards.  Whatever your taste, style, or budget, if you like sneakers and fashion, this seems to be the time for you!
Buscemi for BoF | Source: Buscemi
For this month’s Spotlight, Buscemi has designed a custom BoF logo, featuring the company’s signature feather icon gilded in gold. “Of course [it’s] in gold, because gold makes everything better,” he says.
Though the collection is directed mainly at men, Buscemi plans to offer some of his pieces in sizes and colours designed to attract women. “I don’t want high heels in my office, but I think there is a good market out there for women who are interested in wearing men’s sneakers.”
But how do you generate distinction in a flooded market in which every luxury fashion house offers designer sneakers?
“I think the fashion houses have [adapted] to the lifestyle of the consumer, but at the end of the day you’re still dealing with a huge fashion house that is producing these shoes. My business is at a very homemade level. We’re only making a very small amount of these shoes in an atelier in Italy. The big brands are making hundreds of thousands of shoes. I can truthfully say that my product is far superior to some of these fashion houses.”
“Louboutin, Valentino, Saint Laurent and Lanvin,” names Buscemi as his primary competitors. “There’s a big shift in the sneaker community,” he adds, hinting at why he made the move upmarket. “Guys are getting sick of Vans and Converse. They’re wearing Phillip LimAlexander Wang. They’re graduating as consumers. And now the look and the feel is going all the way down to the foot.”
Indeed, in recent seasons, the humble sneaker has seen its status rise from streetwear symbol to luxury icon. But is the category becoming so successful that it might one day go out of fashion?
“Only time will tell, but I think that what’s going to happen is that the category will never die. I think it’s a survival of the fittest,” says Buscemi. “My goal is very simple: to have a relevant brand and a brand that I’ll be able to give to my son when he’s 21, 15 years from now. That’s my goal.”
Business of Fashion

Plain Clothes Yoga

After a week of scouting and yoga we came up to the Pyrenees for our weekend recharge.  This weeks find was Bcn Brand sneakers.  I have always had a hard time finding a sneaker that doesn’t make me stand out as a tourist, yet at the same time doesn’t send a full hipster vibe.  (which I love but it isn’t my personal style)

So you will see below, plain clothes yoga, in a headstand, in calzedonia leggings, barbour sweater, my beloved Stella Mccartney whistle necklace and of course…Bcn Brand sneakers.  We seriously can’t get enough of them.

My husband who is half Lebanese, half WASP, never wears sneakers bought a pair and hasn’t taken them off!

Get your own pair today in a huge variety of colors.  They will be coming in to our hotel in March to sell directly to our guests but if you’re unable to make it to Barcelona anytime soon and you just can’t wait visit them right here and order your pair today.