Barcelona is a city that will seduce you with its magic. The guidebooks may point you to the Ramblas or to Gaudis’ dream-like architecture, and many tourists believe that by having seen those sights, they have seen it all. The guidebook-offered experience is beautiful and informative, yet it is worlds away from the culture, the cuisine, the unique shopping opportunities, the smells and the sights that have led to my love affair with this Catalan capital.

For several years Barcelona has been my home and this city has seduced me. I shop, dine and exercise daily amid the bustling crowds. My daily walks, runs and bicycle rides bring me to Park Guell, Sagrada Familia,and beachfront. But I also know the side streets and the quiet, hidden treasures.

Barcelona offers spacious mansions, modernist architecture and tremendous culinary offerings with wonderful spaces to exercise. I believe that an adventurous traveler who is alone or with friends would completely enjoy joining a group of like-minded people for a 6-night yoga and cultural retreat. I want to begin providing such an opportunity!

My three year exploration of Barcelona and the surrounding areas has provided me with a unique perspective. I have discovered a wealth of dynamic and exciting experiences and offerings which are Barcelona’s secret Gems. During your stay with Leave it to Barcelona our days will be filled with yoga, Pilates, exercise, cultural excursions, walking tours, insider shopping and some of the best food and wine to be found. The activities and locations you will enjoy with Leave it to Barcelona are incredibly special. I have hand-picked every location, culinary experience, shopping find and local treasure to provide the experience that can only come from visiting with a local.

I hope to see you in Barcelona!