Colleen’s life has organically evolved to her current project of launching Leave it to Barcelona. At 14, she began working at Samuels of Rhinebeck, a small local coffee shop, as a barista.  This experience revealed her gift for listening to her customers and and understanding how she could provide each customer with a specific and unique experience. This early glimpse of Colleen’s natural instincts tells the tale of the path along which she would develop as an entrepreneur.  Life progressed and Colleen married. Colleen shared a passion for understanding people and their differences as well as athletic pursuits with her husband Walid. She has travelled to over 70 countries, participated in not for profit work for women in war-torn countries around the world and became certified as a Yin Yoga instructor. She has also participated in half-ironman races, adventure marathons and climbed high-altitude mountains. From that humble first work experience until now, Colleen has always sought two things: interpersonal experiences and personal improvement and differentiation. Leave it to Barcelona retreats reflect Colleen’s own experiences and understanding of people’s differences and preferences. Colleen’s dream of living life to the fullest is always elusive yet just within reach, and that is the experience she wants to share with everyone.