Kari discovered yoga in 2000 while living a hectic urban life in New York City. She practiced yoga off and on while working in the nonprofit world and throughout law school. Kari credits her yoga practice with her decision to forgo the field of law to instead study the origins of the spirit. She first studied power yoga in Denver, under the guidance of her teacher and dear friend Alanna Kaivalya. It was through Alanna that Kari discovered Jivamukti yoga and its founders Sharon Gannon and David Life.

Kari has been teaching yoga since 2003 and is one of the few certified Jivamukti yoga teachers in the Bay Area. She is currently teaching at the Jivamukti Yogaloft in Munich, Germany. She has taught thousands of classes to students across the United States and Europe, assisted her teachers Sharon Gannon and David Life at Yoga Journal Conferences, co-taught teacher trainings, and led workshops and retreats in the U.S. and abroad. She is known for intelligent sequencing, great music and the light, positive spirit she brings to the classroom. She is grateful to her many teachers, including Sharon Gannon and David Life, Amanda Moran, Alanna Kaivalya, Gabi Bozic, Stephanie Snyder, and Dana Flynn.