What yoga style is best for you?

Taken from The Womens Health BIG BOOK of YOGA; The Essential Guide to Complete Mind/Body Fitness written by Kathryn Budig.  This is a book in which I refer to often, for self practice or simple as a reference point.  This guide in the back is wonderful for determining what yoga style is best for you….left out is Jivamukti, Yin, and a few others which we will chime in on later. If you’re interested in the book you can find it: on Amazon.com

 Style Description Ideal for Om Factor Physical difficulty
Ananda Gentel poses that focus on meditation.  Beginners who want to ease into the practice or slow down and do more meditation.  Chanting at the beginning and end of class.  Low
Anusara Geared towards heart-opening backbends with a focus on posture Those looking for a playful, loving community Invocation chant with harmonium accompaniment at the beginning and end of class with stories woven in.   Medium to High
Ashtanga At athletic “flow” style that combines faced based movement and breathwork.  Type A people who are driven and dedicated, and those who want an intense practice that will have visible results.   Usually a lengthy but very straightforward chant at the beginning and end of class.  High
Bikram Uses the same 26 posture series each time, but its done in a 105F or 42C room.  You will sweat! Sweat junkies who aren’t afraid of intense heat.  No Chanting.  High
Hatha A generic term used to describe any form of yoga that includes asanas.  (Poses) Those who are unsure about which class to take and would like a general introduction.  Depends on the teacher.   Medium to Difficult
Iyengar Poses are held for longer than usual with a focus on alignment.   Teacher trainees, those who want to improve their alignment, and those with injuries.  Depends on the teacher.   Medium to High. 
Kundalini Primarily seated positions combined with breathing and movement techniques.   Those who want to stimulate energy, focus, and deep meditation. Lots of chanting at the beginning and end of class with deep meditation and energy worki.   Medium. 
Power Yoga A vigorous workout that moves quickly though a series of linked poses and generates a lot of sweat and physical release.   Athletes and those who are driven to work out.   Depends on the teacher.   High
Vinyasa A series of athletic poses combining movement with breathwork.   This who want a good workout that often is set to music.  Usually a brief chant or om at the beginning and end of class.   Medium to High.